Weekly Round-up featuring Stylist Pick, Rodial, Windle & Moodie and Olay..


Wooo, it’s Friday and the weather is AMAZE. Let’s start off with a nice outfit pic..Here’s my tiger print dress that I mentioned last week. The lovely Shope took these pics of me at Look HQ where they were holding an event on Wednesday. She used her Canon 550d (I think!) and literally took three shots and all three were amazing! It was done so quickly and was over in five seconds, seriously can’t believe the how fab the pics came out. I have definitely moved the ‘buying a Canon 600d’ up on my priorities/wish list – this HAS TO BE in my life very soon! The difference compared to my rubbish point and shoot is outstanding. Here’s another pic from our three pic shoot!Before that I had popped into the Rodial/Nip+Fab event, as expected the products sounded great, especially the Dragon’s Blood range (perfect for peeps looking for stronger anti-ageing prods). Rodial also have a product called Rodial Snake Serum Pen which is highly concentrated and, from what I’ve gathered, irons and ”freezes’ out wrinkles!! I think I need a bit of that..I was given a Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser and Nip+Fab No Needle Fix Serum in my goody bag which I’m going to start trialling asap so will let you know how I get on!

My bag from Stylist Pick arrived! I was actually really impressed with the service and I do now feel a bit bad about my ranty post on Tuesday. The bag arrived in its own dust bag (aww) and I was also given a little extra gift which they chose especially based on my first order.. I actually liked my free gift better than the bag I ordered!Talking of which, I’m not too sure about the bag, I think I’m going to send it back.. It’s bit a too plasticy and bulky in the flesh, the quality is much poorer than I had hoped. Annoying as it did look so lovely in the picture. The trials and tribulations of online shopping, eh..Yesterday I got my hair did at Windle & Moodie in Covent Garden, they showed me how to do an Express Blow Dry with their revolving curling irons – Neil Moodie did mine and it looked AMAZE! Love it so much. As my hair is quite flat he gave it a little ‘bump’ by using the curling iron close to the root to give it some volume. I haven’t attempted this Express Blow Dry myself but I was given a pair of the WAM Revolving Irons (in 31, the largest barrel size) to have a play with – update on how I get on with those soon! As I had plans for a fancy dinner later that eve I wore what is fast becoming my favourite lip product EVER – the YSL Rouge Pur Couture A Levres Glossy Stain in No1 Violet Edition, it’s so glam and is simply perfection. Deep gorgeous dark glossy lips that don’t bleed and you really don’t need a lip liner or any other product with it! I thought this lippy and my freshly styled hair worked really well together, the combo’s got a bit of a retro feel, I felt very sophis for my night out! Again I’m rocking the ‘no mascara’ look, have really taken to it actually..

Lastly, really excited about THIS:About time!! A decent sun protection in a moisturiser! Haven’t used it yet as just got it yesterday but as with everything, I’ll keep you updated on how I get on. Also this is pretty cool..The original BB cream from Olay, why bring out a new product when you’ve had a product all along that fits the bill? I’ve used the Olay Total Effects (with a touch of Mac Factor foundation) plenty in the past and love it, I’m pretty sure I gave it a rave review somewhere (must have been a video as can’t find it on here) but it’s great! Gives super hydrated, glowy, gorgeous skin that rivals many foundations! Am going to start wearing it again as I’ve obviously forgotten how good it is.

So that’s all the high lights from my week, hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  • Angela Harris

    How did the: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser and Nip+Fab No Needle Fix Serum work for you?

    • Lina

      Hi Angela, I’m currently trialling the Rodial Dragon’s Blood moisturiser first so I could see how effective that was on its own, without the serum. Only been using a week so far, no hugely instant improvements but I’ll give a few more weeks before committing to an opinion. Will start the Nip+Fab in a week. :) x


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