River Island Hidden Wedge Hi Top Trainers – Which to keep??


After searching high and low for the perfect pair of high street concealed/hidden wedge hi top trainers, I discovered these beauties from River Island. They’re basically the same trainer but with slight material variation and colour. Typically, I couldn’t choose a favourite so ordered both thinking I’d know once they’d arrive which I prefer. Well, they’re here and, erm, I don’t.The navy are more flattering to my legs (these things matter!) and go with pretty much everything. They work well with tights – which is a necessity for rainy old England. The red leather(ette?) look cuter on the actual foot (makes ’em look small and dinky), are more statement and old school, look AMAZING with certain outfits but generally go with a lot less. So it’s a toss up between the one that you could literally wear everyday and look good in, to the one you can only wear every now and again and look really cool in..And then Nike are also set to release their wedge trainer, the Dunk Sky High. You see, if I hadn’t seen how gorgeous the Nike ones were I could easily have talked myself in to keeping both of the River Island ones, but knowing that the Nikes are only a few months away I’m not sure I can rationalise owning three pairs of wedge trainers for one season? Can I?! Oh, yeah, and not forgetting THIS pair that I bought a few months ago which I’ve never even worn (I decided it’s all about the wedge being CONCEALED, however I had formed this opinion after buying them, oh well..) (should really sell them on Ebay – anyone want them?). And then I think if I had just saved all the money I had spent on all these pairs of trainers I could have just bought the goddam Marc by Marc Jacob ones that are my ultimate pair of concealed wedge trainers! Oh. Deep breath. Sigh.

For me this summer is gonna be all about bodycon dresses with hi top trainers, I’m pretty much gonna channel Neneh Cherry circa 1991. Oh yeaaaah. But first, before I can channel – which pair should I keep?Oh, and, I’ve bought fat laces but in white, not cream – will this still work?? Cream are so hard to come by…


  • Amrita

    Roll on payday because both of those River Island badboys are going to be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keep them both, love them! I want the beige/whiteish ones!!!

  • Also… have you seen the ASH wedge trainers? They’re amazing…

    • Lina

      Yep, seen the Ash, they are nice but I do prefer a more chunky look! I really wanted the beige/white ones as well but they had sold out in my size.. :(

  • Love both of them! But I love the navy more :)
    The Nikes are amazing!

  • Iza

    Could you tell me how high is hidden platform in those River Island trainers?

    • Lina

      Not very high, an inch, maybe an inch and a half. Very comfy to wear on!

  • Iza

    Oh, so they’re made for me :)

  • I am absolutely in love with the river island high tops.. ive been considering getting them myself! My sister has recently bought some similar from topshop with a concealed wedge but you can actually take the wedge out which I think is genius!I was just wondering if you knew if the river island ones did the same or is the wedge fixed? :)

    • Lina

      Yep, you can take the wedge out also! I’m about to invest in TWO MORE pairs of the River Island ones, am so in love with them, I couldn’t recommend them enough! x

  • Catharine

    Hello! I am trying to track down these colours but river island need a product code to help me out. I was wondering if you still have the care labels in yours and could tell me the codes? Did you keep all of them? I love them so much but really want these colours but can’t seem to find them!

  • Lol

    A golden rule for me is when you can’t decide return them all!! As you obviosuly aren’t crazy about any of them.

    Plus the Nikes are a classic, how long have female sneaker heads wanted trainers with a heel…. FOREVER.

  • Olivia

    Hey Lina! I’m in love with those black wedge sneakers (the ones you’re thinking of selling). The visible wedge look is really popular in Japan and Korea atm (I kinda have a thing for Asian pop culture). Their brands usually don’t make shoes larger than a 7 or 8, though.

    What size are yours? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the name of the brand, and where did you buy em? Thanks! =)

  • hailey

    ive been lookin every where for a pair of the white river island hidden heels!! would u have any suggestions x]

  • Awww I’m sorry that you didnt get your hands on the whi8te and grey.. not to rub it in.. but I am an owner of said pair and I looooove them! I too was gutted when I saw them sold out online, so imagine my surprise when I walked into a local RI and found them.. I was practically cart wheeling outta there!! Haha! Wedge Trainers are officially the best invention EVER!!! Especially for us shorties ;)

  • Tres

    What are those black ones with the non-concealed wedge?
    Mind sharing the name and price you paid for them? I’m kind of interested :D

    • Lina

      They’re from River Island, and cost £40. :)

  • bruna

    I’ve been looking for some comfy wedge trainers for a while, these are so cute!! I’m about to order a pair how do they fit, are they true to size? I’m usually a 5 or 5.5 so I’m not sure if I should go with a 5 or order the 6.

    • Lina

      I’d say go for a 6, as I’m a 2.5 and the 3’s fit pretty well. They’re very, very comfy, although having said that, I wear heels quite often so the wedge doesn’t bother me at all!

  • bruna

    Thanks!I was leaning towards a 6, rather be a little bit bigger than too tight.I can’t wait to get them!!

  • Jessica

    If you decide to sell the red ones I will buy them from you!

  • samantha

    hi, i love the red high tops, but cant find them anywhere..theyre not on river island. any idea as to where i could find a pair identical to those?

  • alessia

    Me too I can’t find these shoes I really like the navy blue ones and I’d really like too buy them


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