Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30


One could argue that No Foundation Foundation by Perricone MD* is actually what would now be considered a BB Cream with its good-for-you ingredients, (non chemical) SPF 30, translucent, healthy coverage and availability of only one shade. Promising to even out skin tone without mattifying, whilst keeping skin dewy and radiant, it did sound like something I would love. However I had obvious hesitations over the universal colour and ‘No Foundation’ finish..

Bizarrely, the one shade worked for my skin tone (not sure how great it’ll be for darker though)! It is a little peaky but once I’ve done the rest of my make-up (bronzer, etc) it looks fine. I love the radiant, illuminating finish of it and just how undetectable it is on the skin – it really is a No Foundation product!

I’m not sure I’d be 100% comfortable with just wearing it entirely on its own, but with a little concealer it can provide a fairly flawless base – although I would say skin would have to be in pretty good condition in the first place, so maybe not the best for skins prone to spots, etc.  My one real complaint is that I use far more product than I would have thought needed to get the right coverage, and being as pricey as it is I can imagine a bottle, with daily use, thinning out quite quick. But if you have the money, and want something that’s jam packed with goodness, plus SPF, I certainly recommend. Great for those who don’t like the caked-on look, and even if you do, I think you’ll be surprised by the moderate coverage you can gain from this! I personally will be getting lots of wear during Summer, it really does illuminate skin beautifully! If it matters (it kinda does to me), all the slebs are going mad for it, too.Lx

  • Sophie

    Looks great on you! But as I’ve said before, I think your skin looks flawless anyway. :)

    • Lina

      Aww, thank you! x


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