I actually got back on Sunday but have been suffering terribly from post festival blues (and general unhealth from all the festival fesitivities). Basically, I had the most amazing, best day/night of my life on the second day of the festival and am a little in shock and struggling to believe everything that had happened. I’m usually quite jammy with meeting the slebs (I have no idea why, I’m a totes nobody), but this weekend superseded all that shit. I stood side of stage for Ben Howard, M83, Incubus and in the sound box (allegedly the best seat in the house!) for Chase and Status!!

Here are some pictorials in case you’re interested (some are stolen from my friend’s pics, Charlotte, I hope you don’t mind love!)!Here I am on Day 1, sober and fresh faced (all the other pics are Day 2).MC Rage from Chase and Status – he ASKED me to take a pic of him when I told him about my blog, for street style!!! Bless ‘im!Noah and the WhaleMumford and SonsIncubus!!The Roots and Incubus (a new member of Incubus, was in The Roots prior this). Oh, and here’s me pretending to drive the sound desk during Chase and Status (who were AMAZING).

Yeah, so, like I said, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. So sad it’s over. :'(
Roll on another adventure please.


P.S. I didn’t use my shewee as the toilets in there for hospitality were so swish and super clean!!!

  • Wow check you out partying with all the celebs! Looks like you had an amazing time! Loving your festival style :) xx

    • Lina

      Thanks lovely! I had the most amazing time!!! xx

  • OMW! they really do exist…I heard about these on a shoot recently…where we were miles away from anything resembling a loo… so we just picked a bush, and hoped that no-one came down the dirt track. Just one question: do you need to aim into it??? sorry if it’s a bit doh!

    • Lina

      Haha, no worries. You kinda do have to aim, you press it against ‘the area’ and as it’s a funnel shape it cups it almost, and.. go. You can sort of aim where it ends up too, just like a man! x


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