Thought I’d do a Nail of the Day as I’m really feeling this red I painted my talons in. It’s a shade called Snatch by Ciate*, and it makes me feel like Joan Collins and oh so glamorous! A nice break from neon orange which is what I’ve been living in these last few months (my standard summer shade since 2008).

My nails are really long at the moment, have no idea why but I’m gonna go with it until one breaks and then I’ll trim them all down. A big fan of pointy, sharp, claw nails, I was actually thinking earlier how I genuinely have a bit of a squeamish disgust for long, fake, squared nails. Something about it just makes me want to puke. Ironically I bet those who sport those nails probably hate the pointed claws I’ve been favouring of late, but all I have to say about that is; You share similar nail preference with porn stars! Make of that what you will.. ;)

At the beginning of this week I’ve started a three month trial of some health supplements called Imedeen*. Despite my lengthy talons appearing relatively healthy as it is, they’re actually designed to improve hair and nails. I’ve recently had a good six inches (if not more) of my hair cut off and it’s been devastating. Am not a fan of the cut or length at all, so am really counting on these supplements to aid its growth – although I’m not sure if that’s what it’s meant to do. I think it just makes your hair super shiny and stuff. Which I’m all for.I’m usually pretty crap with taking things daily, but I’ve so far been good and not missed a tablet yet by stratigecally placing them around the house. I have one sheet of tablets hidden in a kitchen drawer, another in my handbag, and the last on my bed side table, just in case I remember at bed time that I’d forgotten to take it that day. So far this technique seems to be working for me!

Will keep you updated with how they’re going.



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