For those who follow me on twitter, you’re probably well aware that I am IN LOVE with the latest addition to my ‘lazy girl’s work out’ family; my weighted hula hoop!

There it is, nestled against my Shake Weight.. I bought it from The Hoop Dance Co via Amazon, and picked the smallest size I could find (36″), with a low weight of 600g — reason being the smaller you are, the smaller size hoop you need. Ideally it needs to be waist height when held up against you.

I’ve been so busy these last few days since its arrival I’ve hardly had any time at all to dedicate to it, however within 24 hours, after only spending five minutes here and there, I’ve improved in leaps and bounds. It’s crazy how far I’ve come in such a short space of time, when I started I honestly could only hoop for about a second before it’d tumble down!

Now that I can hoop to a comfortable standard, I’M ADDICTED. I love it so much! Everytime I put it down I crave picking it back up again. Sometimes the only reason I stop is because I’m simply too out of breath to continue! Which brings me to my next point; an hour of fast hooping is allegedly as intensive a work out as an hour on the treadmill! Impressive, no?

Will report back with results, hopefully I’ll be hooping my way to a tinier waist in no time (I have taken before measurements to compare! ;) )!


  • Tass

    I wanted to buy a hoop but didn’t know where to begin as there’s so many around. Not sure if I would stick with it though, I get bored easily. Looking forward to seeing your results xx

    • Lina

      I know what you mean, however the idea of running on a treadmill does not appeal in the slightest, I have more chance at sticking with this! Plus, as it’s not strictly a work out, it’s fun too, I think my motivation would be getting better and more adept at using it? Let me know if you have any questions about buying one if you do decide to go for it. :) xx

  • Güzellik Nehri

    Hi, I ‘ve been following for a long time, lately I’ve been looking for your account on Stylemesh(Apple Application on Fashion) and I couldn’t find your account. Do you have an account or if you have what’s your user name for it?

    • Lina

      Hi, thanks! But unfortunately I don’t! Will look into though! :) x

  • Kate & Zena

    I LOVE to hoop. Almost as much as I love skipping rope. They were my two favorite activities as a kid. The problem is always finding one your size as they always make them for kids!

    I always found the easiest way was to keep my feet a little less than shoulder width apart, keeping my upper part still and using my torso (not so much your hips, your abs), if you’re looking for some tips. Keep you abs tight. I was a hooping champ (that one time I came in second place to a 12 year old in hooping on a boat cruise around Chicago….I don’t count that. It wasn’t fair! I was nine!!! Of course an nine year old girl is going to lose to a 12 year old guy. I wasn’t amused, especially since I could beat everyone on base in the hooping department.)

    Time to look for a hoop and a skipping rope suited for a 5’2.5″ woman with weak wrists.

    • Lina

      Haha, thanks for the tips, I will try them! I would recommend a hoop size of 38″ or even the same size one I got, 36″. Definitely get back into it, so much fun! x


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