The UK’s number one selling beauty product, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation*, have extended their already considerable colour range to now include 30 shades in total, allowing women of all skin tones to finally enjoy the cult foundation! I was invited down to get colour matched by Estee Lauder Global Make-up Artist Alan Pan, and am now a complete covert for this full coverage, stay in place make-up!

Bizarre really, considering I usually go for dewy, radiant, sheer foundations. In the past semi-matte to matte products have made my make-up look mask-like and dry, so I’ve learnt to keep my distance. However I think the difference this time was that I was matched perfectly, and with Estee Lauder’s colour adapting formula the foundation adapted to all the tones in my skin – an essential factor for warmer complexions. Touching on the formula again, despite being semi-matte, long wear and full coverage, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation doesn’t dehydrate skin like similar matte products can; my base continued to look fresh hours after application!

It’s all in the technique..
The trick for making this product so comfortable and fresh looking for even super dry skin (FYI, my skin type) is to apply it on freshly cleansed and moisturised skin, mixed in with a drop of Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair. As Alan Pan showed me, mix the foundation and serum in equal parts, apply with brush, then take a little extra foundation (on its own) and reapply over areas that need more coverage. Viola – perfect base! All I add is a little concealer to counteract shadowy areas (I’m using Clinique Even Better Concealer at the mo – LOVE IT), and I’m flawless. I’m even tempted to buy a lighter shade of Double Wear to use in place of that concealer part, I love it that much (-hang on, is there a Double Wear concealer??!)!

My only one complaint is that this isn’t the best make-up for flash photography – but admittedly, it even warns so on the packaging! All this means is sometimes, in pics, your foundation might look a little mask-like. But to be honest, I’ve had a few pics of me in this taken already, with flash, and it’s not been that bad at all. It’s there, but I’m not massively bothered by it, so it’s just something to be aware of.


  • Fisi ♥

    I’ve only had a sample of this and I was impressed! Makes your skin look so flawless and I’m tempted to go out and buy a bottle of this right now ha x

    • Lina

      Doooo it!! I literally hate using anything else as nothing comes close to how flawless this makes me! x

  • Delyteful Speaks

    I’ve been wearing this foundation a lot lately.. I’ve had it for a while and it’s just amazing! I have dry skin but I use a tiny amount and pat it in with a flat foundation brush.. And the result? FLAWLESS!! Covers really well and stays put allll day which you already mentioned..

    And yes there is a double wear concealer which is lovely too ;)


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