My old blowdrying round brush wasn’t even remotely penetrating through my recently over-treated, (now) haywire hair anymore. I needed new blowdrying tools. I put the word out on twitter, and was recommended the brand Head Jog commonly used by professionals. I opted for the Head Jog Pink Ceramic Radial Brush, and as I couldn’t settle on which size might be best for my hair length/type, decided to buy all of them in a set! Indulgent, I know – but I’m really glad I did.

head jog pink ceramic radial brush (1) head jog pink ceramic radial brush (3)

In this set I received all five Pink Ceramic Radial brushes; 80, 79, 78, 77 and 76. Their pink ceramic barrels have air vents to circulate the heat, thus reducing drying time.

The widest brush, size 80, is gorgeous for root lift on the top sections of hair. I worried it’d be too big for my hair, as whilst my hair is longish in length, it’s very fine. However as the bristles are relatively soft, it was really comfortable blowdrying the top parts with and gave a gorgeous bouncy finish to the hair. The next brush down in size, 79, is what I tend to use for the rest of the hair. It’s a good size for getting a nice grip to blowdry with, although I do have one complaint – I seem to have a faulty one that annoying catches hair right inside one particular air vent. I have to be really careful when I use it as hair constantly gets trapped there requiring me to very carefully pull it out. This is the only brush from the set that this happens with, so I’m certain it’s literally just a case of it being a faulty one off.

The rest of the brushes, all smaller in sizes, are intended (in my case) to be used for blow drying curls in my hair (if you have shorter hair you can use them as your main blowdrying brush, of course). I see hairdressers do this all the time, and am determined to learn how to do this myself now I have the correct tools!

head jog pink ceramic radial brushes (4)

The whole set was really cheap, only about £20, and I’m thrilled with it. You could absolutely buy just one or two, according to your specific needs, however buying all of them in a set isn’t actually that much extra if you’re already planning on buying two or three, and is overall cost effective. I find them easy to handle, not scratchy against my scalp/face (often a big problem for me with these types of brushes) and very effective in achieving desired results. If I had to pick favourite brushes I’d probably pick the largest two, as they’re perfect for longer hair and allow me to whiz through my blowdry due to the large barrel sizes. However it is nice having the option of smaller brushes for different types of styling, thus making the set 100% worth it, in my eyes.


Via my Microsoft Surface RT (yes, edited pics straight from SLR on it and everything!).


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