by Lina on October 4, 2013

Big news. I know I’ve been hinting for ages that something exciting was on the horizon that I wasn’t, at that moment, allowed to divulge. Well, I’ve officially been given the go ahead and can finally announce that what we’ve all been quietly working away on these last few months was a new monthly print magazine launching October 16th, called Blogosphere Magazine – and I’m the Beauty Editor!


If you follow my twitter, you’ve probably figured this ‘news’ out already (!). As the name suggests, the mag is about blogging. It will feature the crème de la crème of Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Fashion, Photography and Beauty bloggers (one of which is gracing the first front cover, the beautiful EssieButton!), being an indispensable bible for bloggers and brands working with bloggers. There is so much I could write about it, but I’d rather not ruin the surprise and let you all discover it for yourself.

At the time of writing this (Thursday afternoon, on a train, on a tablet), the official website, www.blogospheremagazine.com isn’t live yet – but it will be soon. Full stockist and price info will be available then but for now, just remember #16October for mag launch date (and pardyyyy!).

Oh, and one minor detail (not minor at all), 10% of all proceeds will go to a different charity each month, this month starting with Walking With The Wounded.
This aspect of the magazine has bought me SO MUCH JOY.

Will keep you updated on all developments, in the meanwhile:
Blogosphere Magazine Twitter: @BlogosphereM
#BlogosphereMagazine #16October


Via my Microsoft Surface RT

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