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I’ve never really gotten on with primers, despite loving the idea behind them. I find for the make-up I tend to favour (dewy, fresh) they often do a disservice and mattify and overdry my complexion. Bearing this in mind, I actually quite like the Clinique Superprimer Face Primers*. Coming in a range of colours to colour correct skin, you’d pick whichever was best to combat your biggest skin concern. I was sent three to try (sorry, I know only 2 are photographed – can’t seem to find the third!); the white as a universal shade, the lavender to correct sallowness, and lastly the bronze to correct dullness in deeper skins.

clinique superprimer face primer

I don’t think my skin is deep enough for the bronze primer, as it tends to darken my complexion when I use it (it was the first one I reached for), however surprisingly the lavender works really nicely in brightening my skin. It can maybe take too much yellow out, having naturally deep olive skintone, however overall it does a good job of evening it out and making it appear a unified colour.

As mentioned, for those seeking a dewy finish these primers don’t really help. Like most primers, it mattifies excess sheen. On the other hand, for those with dry skin (like myself), whilst it mattifies it doesn’t dehydrate. So make-up actually does stay flawless for a great deal of time, when usually something so matte on dry skin would start to look cakey and dry within a few hours. For occasional times when I want a matte finish, these primers work brilliantly with keeping my dry skin looking even and freshly made up for that. I actually find they work specifically well on bases that you might find too greasy on skin, such as BB creams and tinted moisturisers. Products I often have to set with powder need hardly any powder after when used with the primers.

I think they’re great, priced well and do recommend for those seeking a flawless, matte finish (they have a lovely silky feel, too). For those who are looking for a dewy finish with their primers, Cosmetic ala Carte have a fab Rose Dew primer that will do the job brilliantly – although it is a little pricy!


  • hello lina

    i m loving ur blog n ur look fab. i m ur new follower from India..keep posting love ur work.

  • I absolutely love Clinique products, I feel like you can rarely go wrong with their products! I’ve never tried any of their primers but I’d like to now after reading this. I’ve blogged about they’re even better dark spot corrector, it’s the best product I’ve ever used! Would love for you to have a look


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