Floradix + Perfectil + Boots Beauty from Within Hyaluronic Acid + Boots Beauty from Within Collagen (3)

Being immune deficient and generally just ‘weak stock’, I’ve always been on top of taking my vitamins and supplements. I tend to go for ones tailored just for women focusing on skin, hair and nails as I find they have all the same vitamins as a regular multi, but with added benefits. I’ve tried quite a few, most recently Fembody which I’d bought from iherb and used steadily for about a year and liked, however it’s now been discontinued so I was delighted to receive a bunch of new supplements to try!

What I’ve been sent to trial is:
Perfectil Plus Hair Extra*
Boots Beauty from Within Collagen*
Boots Beauty from Within Hyaluronic Acid*

I’ve only started the Perfectil Plus Hair Support a few days ago (the Hair Support means it has a Colourel blend with copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation) so definitely too early to see results – although will say that you really need to take it on a full stomach as otherwise you can feel a little nauseous and queasy for a few hours after! The Boots Beauty from Within products I will start in a few weeks so I can differentiate results between each product. The Collagen supplement is for protecting against the first signs of ageing whilst the Hyaluronic Acid is for brightening complexions and radiance!

Now, onto the Floradix, which I know a lot of you have been interested in hearing my thoughts on (never knew there were so many fellow iron deficient folk out there!).

Floradix Floravital

I’ve suspected I’ve been anaemic for quite a while and so have my doctors (they’re always trying to make me go in for those pesky blood tests!). Symptoms for anaemia include pale skin and dry nails (I have both), but most tellingly is a feeling of complete and utter exhaustion; I feel this ninety percent of the time. I get tired out so easily, and have since I can remember. Anaemia is essentially an iron deficiency, so you can take iron tablets, but liquid vitamins are generally better for absorption so I decided to give Floradix Floravital a go!

I’ve been using it just over a week now (a quick 10ml shot twice a day) and whilst some people have noticed results within days, that sadly hasn’t been the case for me. Well, not in terms of energy, at least. I am still super fatigued, if anything more so (however I have been hitting the gym pretty hard so that’s probably a major factor there). I suspect it’s going to take a few weeks to work its way through my system and for me to feel that jolt that everyone else has, however I will say I have noticed some minor signs of it working. My legs, for example, which have always bizarrely kept a ghost-like pale and sickly disposition have started to get a bit of colour in them. This happened within days of starting it. A few days after that my equally pale and corpse-like lips have suddenly started to look a little flushed and rosy – just like normal people lips! I actually had no idea that my pale lips were down to this deficiency until now. So these are all good signs that the Floradix is working, albeit slowly, on me. :)

Will keep you updated on how I’m getting on with the Floradix and all my fab new supplements!



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