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Every now and again (notably more often as I’ve been getting older), I reassess my health and lifestyle and try to implement healthier choices. I know for a fact I don’t get enough fruit or veg, I’m just not one of those people who sit down with a bowl of fruit as a snack (or shock horror – in place of desert!).

The only way I could see myself getting near my five-a-day was sticking them all in blender, and making myself a delicious smoothie! The problem with this was washing up a giant monster blender daily to make my delicious smoothie was equally unappealing. Enter the Duronic BL3 Sports Blender – an on-the-go, blend in the glass, smoothie maker! 

duronic sports blender BL3 smoothie maker juicer

duronic sports blender bl3 smoothie maker blades

As soon as I stumbled across this concept of a product, after briefly researching and reading reviews (and I mean, really briefly), I decided the Duronic BL3 Sports Blender was the product for me! Plus, it was insanely reduced, meaning I picked up the whole set, with two portable drinking/blending bottles for around £20 (reduced from £50!)!

The idea behind this blender is that you throw in all your ingredients in the glass (roughly chop the bigguns’ first), screw on the blade attachment, and then stick into the main body to power the blend. It’s so easy! Once you’re done, you simply swap the blade attachment with the drinking bottle lid, and you have a delicious smoothie for on-the-go! The only thing you need to wash up right then is the tiny blades attachment, which literally take two minutes.

Now, onto what I’ve been having in my smoothies..

1 cup of spinach + green smoothie (1)

cup of mixed berries for smoothie

mangi pinapple banana spinach smoothie (1)

green smoothie

I’ve been keeping things really simple, and using about 3 or 4 ingredients max per smoothie. I’ve not been adding any yogurt, fruit juices, etc., as the focus of my smoothies is health, as opposed to taste. My favourite smoothie that I’ve ever made was with pineapple, mango, banana and spinach – this was so delicious! But when I don’t have such exotic fruits in the house I go for a simple spinach, banana and mixed frozen berries concoction. Sometimes I make a carrot and apple (with spinach) smoothie, which is probably my least favourite but it’s not terrible. I’ve been trying to find kale to stick in in place of spinach, just to mix it up, but my local Waitrose is always sold out of it! #firstworldproblems.

As a general rule, use this super handy formula for green smoothie recipes, from Simple Green Smoothies.

green smoothie ingredients recipe rules

I have yet to add additional seeds and such in my smoothies, but I’m gonna go on a big health food shop and stock up on a bunch and start including them. Flax seeds, chia seeds, cacao, acai powder and coconut oil are great things to add.


Whilst I don’t have a smoothie every day, I have one most days (probably 5 out of 7), and honestly, I really feel a massive surge in energy and alertness as soon I have it. Much more intense than caffeine. It’s probably largely down to all the glucose in the fruit, but either way, it gives me a good energy boost!

Touching on the glucose/sugars in the fruit, I’m thinking perhaps I might need to invest in some straws so I’m not damaging my teeth as much? Hmmm. Something to consider.

Overall, I’m super happy with the Duronic BL3 Sports Blender and it’s definitely the best £20 I’ve spent in the last few months!

Are you into making your own smoothies? Any killer recipes I should know about? Tweet me at @grungebetty!



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