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This whole week I have been very Spring Clean-y. It’s not quite Spring yet but the weather seems brighter and it felt like a good time to rid myself of some clutter and unloved bits. The most things to go are always clothes. The last few years I have a massive clear out every six months. I am brutal. With decluttering clothes, if something no longer fits and will never fit (hello size 4 clothing!), despite how beautiful or how much it cost – it goes. The same goes for items I bought that still have labels or tickets on several months after buying. These are usually sale purchases (although shockingly not always), and I figure they’ll probably remain unworn forever so best to just move them on to a more loving home. 

Decluttering Clothes and Shoes

I am strictest with shoes, I remember a year or so ago I got rid of thirty pairs in one go! I now realise I don’t need a hundred pairs of shoes, I only really need a few that I wear often, and a couple for special occasions. And then there are the shoes that are oh so beautiful, but oh so hurt. I reluctantly move those on. If I can’t practically wear them for at least over an hour, they’re audi! I have shoe storage space for approximately 40 pairs of shoes, and then I have another row elsewhere of longer boots which don’t fit in the shelving space. My rule now is I try not to keep any more outside this allocation.

It’s the same with bags, too. Compared to most women, I probably have a shockingly small amount of bags. I probably only ever have 12 in total (and that includes evening bags!). If I buy a bag, but find myself not using it enough or at all, I give it away (usually to my mum or sisters) or donate to charidee.

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But it wasn’t always this way. I never threw out anything as little as five years ago! I became irrationally attached and panicked that maybe one day I might end up wanting to wear it and then what would I do if it was gone? But after the first big clear out and seeing all the rubbish you don’t use removed and decluttered, you soon forget those ‘what if’ feelings and you feel so much better seeing it all gone. Plus, in my experience you hardly ever, if ever, regret throwing it out at a later date!

Ultimately, I’ve realised I can always just buy something again. Maybe when I was younger and had less disposable income it was harder to throw things out, as it was harder to replace, but I don’t feel like I have that problem now. These days I buy a lot, well, I feel like I buy a lot, and the pay off for getting rid of something that takes up space and isn’t used is potentially replacing it with something that you will love and wear everyday! I realised I would much rather have my closet and space filled with actual wearable options than simply used as storage for things I haven’t worn in years that are just hogging space. It makes perfect sense when you think about it like that.

What are your decluttering/spring cleaning habits? Do you find it hard to part with your possessions or like me, think less is more?


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