First post of the year! Does it look different?

Aha.. I’ve had a revamp!

broken phone smashed screen samsung galaxy note 3


I’ve been wanting to blog for ages but have decided to keep a low profile whilst my new blog design, which has been a while in the works, was finally loaded onto my site at the end of last year. There was a bit of a teething period where it didn’t look entirely right, so I didn’t blog or tweet or try to draw any attention to it until it was fixed (as I understandably didn’t want people seeing it all broken), but it’s all fixed now and everything is working as it should! Huzzah!

It’s still not completely done though, in terms of design, there’s a little bit left to do but that will happen gradually – it’s just such a relief to get a new design up! Was so sick of my old layout.

Something that I found myself enjoying on my online hiatus was my break from Twitter. I have noticed over the years I’ve just felt less inclined to tweet (or Instagram or take pics, for that matter.). I think part of that reason is simply because I’m older now, and perhaps less narcissistic/attention seeking (isn’t every girl in her tweens?), but another part is because I essentially had to stop when my phone screen smashed earlier last year and I literally couldn’t take pics, selfies or tweet non-stop like I had grown accustomed to.

At first I probably found it annoying, but now it’s made me appreciate my social life more as I’m not faffing around documenting things and instead just chilling out and enjoying them. It also made me realise what is an existence if all you do whilst out is play with your phone and take pics to show what alleged fun you’re having to perhaps, I guess, provoke envy? Crafting that online image. So one of my new years’ resolutions (alongside the usual ‘be healthier, lose weight and read all the books I should’, etc.) is to continue in this fashion and be more private. I wonder if this will effect my blogging negatively, but I’m hoping so long as I keep the actual blogging going and the content good, it shouldn’t. More quality time experiencing life, less constantly searching for photo ops.

Have you got any new year’s resolutions for this year?

Oh, and my comments FINALLY work again!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!


  • Beauty Scribbler

    Yay comments again! Site looks great! I have been feeling the same way about tweeting/instagramming for a couple of years now. I never use either any more (not that I was that prolific on them anyway) and I haven’t missed them at all. I always see people taking pics or posing while out and I just know what’s going through their minds is, “Got to get a good one for Facebook *pout pout pout*”.

    Hope you’ve been well! x

    • You know, an earlier edit of this post before I hastily deleted that part did include the very same thing about how I feel when I see girls posing for pics all night – the word ‘cringe’ was used! It’s actually kinda pathetic. I deleted it as I thought it might offend too many people. I think you only start seeing it like that once you stop behaving like that.

      Hope you’re well, too! Must have a catch up one day. X


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