monu skincare review and monu brightening boost review and renu restoring cream rich review and renu nourishing treatment oil review

For the last month I’ve been exclusively trialling some key pieces from natural skincare brand Monu Skincare. To help rid my skin of the oh so dryness it’s been battling of late, I have been using the Monu Brightening Boost, Renu Restoring Cream Rich and Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil. One month on, lets see how I got on.. 

About Monu Skincare

Monu prides itself with offering scientific results from natural ingredients. They believe whatever you put on your body should be as healthy and natural as what you put into it.

The idea of a potent but natural skincare brand producing powerful results greatly appeals to me, as it’s always more assuring using something naturally sourced. But does it deliver the results?

Monu Brightening Boost Review

The Monu Brightening Boost is a brightening and lightening serum, which essentially does what it says on the tin! Quite simply, it works. Once I had tackled the dryness (which I’ll get to later), I started to see the luminosity shine through. It took about two weeks of use for to me start noticing results – it might not take that long on healthier skin, but after a while of use my skin instantly looked more plump straight after application, and my whole complexion was more even, luminous and bright with the effects lasting throughout the day and night.

Renu Restoring Cream Rich Review

If you like a rich cream that absorbs without any residue, this could be the one for you. As it happens, I’m one of those weirdos who like a bit of grease left on my forever parched skin, so found the Renu Restoring Cream Rich a little too fast absorbing.

monu brightening boost review and renu restoring cream rich review and renu nourishing treatment oil review

The Renu Restoring Cream Rich promises to firm mature skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin. I initially loved applying this as it was so rich my skin instantly drank it up and felt hydrated. But, as mentioned, within five minutes it had sunk in entirely and my skin felt thirsty again. I managed to remedy this by adding another light moisturiser with SPF on top for daytime, which added that little extra moisture I needed. I also implemented the occasional application with the L(A)B Galvanic device that I had just begun trialling (this really helped with product effectiveness and absorption – review coming soon!). For evening, underneath the moisturiser I applied the Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil..

Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil Review

This product was a game changer for me. After the first night of applying the Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil (over the Monu Brightening Boost, under the Renu Restoring Cream), my skin improved in leaps and bounds. I firmly believe it was this product that kick started the effectiveness of all the other products as it instantly dealt with the dryness, allowing the other products to penetrate through. After this point, everything began to work so much better; the Monu Brightening Boost had suddenly started to show results and my skin no longer felt dry with the Renu Restoring Cream Rich.

The Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil kept my thirsty skin hydrated and plump long after application, and when I woke in the morning it still felt hydrated – key for me!

Final thoughts…

On the whole, I’ve really enjoyed using all of the Monu skincare and have been very impressed with the results. I’ve found my skin improving day by day the longer I used it, and imagine with continued use I’d reap even better results!

I don’t normally reference packaging, but I felt the packaging for all three products was worth noting as everything was airtight and pump dispensed (even the cream!), so there was no air contamination, germ/bacteria cross-contamination or product waste. This is essential for preserving natural ingredients and brilliant if you’re always irked by the last bit of product at the bottom of the tube which you can’t get to!

Of the three products I found them all good, once I had utilised how best to use them, but was especially impressed with the Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil and Monu Brightening Boost. I believe these were the products that really made the changes in my skin and would 100% repeat buy. My skin now is back to its normal, healthy state that I have been struggling for months to regain. Brilliant results from a natural skincare brand!

Have you tried Monu skincare yet?

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