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public desire laurel black stiletto over the knee boots

Public Desire Amie

I have only just discovered Public Desire (I know, where have I been, right?!). I was actually googling images of the River Island Black Cleated Platform Over The Knee boots when I first stumbled upon the Public Desire dupes (and thus Public Desire!). At almost half the price of the River Island pair, and allegedly exact copies, I had to take a chance and see what they were like! 

public desire amie cleated platform over the knee boots

When they arrived they were perfect, the perfect height on me (not too high), perfect heel height (and a comfy one, at that!), uber flattering and just all round wonderful. Except for one thing.. Without tights, they had a tendency to slip on bare legs. OH NOOOOO. In panic, I bought the River Island pair online – before they sold out, just incase there was a slight difference and they didn’t have that problem. At that point I was so in love with the boots, paying almost double extra was worth it if it made them entirely perfect.

After much testing and trying on of both pairs, I learnt there are actually some pronounced differences, but I ended up keeping the Public Desire pair! Here’s why, incase you’re also undecided on which to go for and what their differences are.

Public Desire Amie


River Island Cleated Sole Over the Knee Boots

Ultimately, the boots are practically the same, bar fit – but they both slip without tights on! If you’re tall and skinny, go River Island. They’re a good few inches higher in length than the Public Desire Amie pair, and the leg of the boot is a little more slender. However, if you’re petite (like me!) or have small feet, go Public Desire. The foot of the shoe is much smaller (the River Island pair felt a good size larger than it should be) and the length of the boot is a good length for us little legged ladies! Also, the heel of the boot is marginally higher (every little helps!).

river island black cleated over the knee boots + public desire amie compared

Admittedly, the Public Desire Amie pair are a little looser (so great also if the River Island pair are too tight for you), but not incredibly so. In fact, they only slipped down when worn with bare legs but with tights and jeans, etc., they were fine. I’ve since learnt that tit tape or some over the knee socks work in keeping them up – which has basically remedied the only problem I had with them!

As mentioned earlier, I’m (now!) so happy with my Public Desire Amie boots. Have I mentioned how comfy they are?! I can totally see myself traipsing around all day in them without my feet hurting. I had an inkling I would fall in love with them, so much so, within 24 hours of placing my first ever order, I went back and made another! My second purchase was the Public Desire Laurel over the knee stretch boots.

Public Desire Laurel

Both of the boots I bought from Public Desire are stretchy, over the knee types. One with a chunky platform and cleated sole, the other a stiletto. They’re essentially the same boot, but with different heels!

public desire amie boots and public desire laurel boots


Public Desire Laurel boots are definitely more evening appropriate, and the heel, whilst not too bad for its staggering height sans no platform support (4.5″!), is still gonna take some practice. But, SO CHEAP – and the quality doesn’t reflect this at all! Am definitely looking forward to making more Public Desire purchases – with these prices, how could I not?!

What are your thoughts on my new Public Desire Boots? Got a favourite?

  • andres

    I just ordered these! I am an 8.5 us, so i ordered a 9 in the amir and 8 in laurel… where they truer to size for u or a little large?

    • The Laurel were true to size, but the Amie are a teeny bit too big – with big socks they fit okay though. :)

  • DimaAgobian

    Hey i have skinny calves, i’m not too tall, only 5’4! do you think i’ll have trouble?

    • Potentially! They can sag quite a bit, but with tights or jeans underneath it’s okay.

  • Gi-Ea

    Hi, I was wondering if the Amie boots are stretchy? does the boot come to your mid thigh? I am 5’1 so I am trying to figure out which shoe height is good for me. I like the Amie boots but not sure if they may be too high for me? please let me know! thank you!!

    • They’re a good length for petite women – I’m only 4’10″. They come below mid thigh on me. They’re very stretchy, if you have very slender legs I would avoid, but other than that they should be fine for you. :)

      • Gi-Ea

        Thank you so much for your reply! I wish there were more reviews on these boots. I kind of want one that hits like mid thigh. I love the gina boots and they only have us size 5 left. I wear a size 6 or 6.5 in boots. Do you have to wear thick socks with the amie boots? What size do you have?

        • I’m a 3 and they’re a pretty big 3. Feels about a size too big.

  • lizzy beel


    I am looking at buying some boots from Public Desire and was wondering how well both pairs have lasted you? I was so happy at the price of the pair I have my eyes on, under £30 for boots seems like such a steal, but would rather pay more for a different pair if they don’t have the longevity or are as good of quality as others on offer!


  • Sinead Yau

    Hi there, great review. How do the boots fit? Are they true to size? For some reason, I am a UK size 5 and usually size down to a UK size 4 in boots over regular shoes, but some people have said the boots come up TTS, while others have had to size down. Having moved to Canada from the UK, there is more risk involved with online buying as returns become a hassle. I hope someone can shed some light. Thanks :)

    • I found them too big – I would size down! X

  • Alexa Tsvitenok

    Omg. You are my life saver. I wanted to order these shoe so bad but I am so scared about the size. I wear size 6 in boots but 5.5 in heels and I don’t know what size to order because a lot of people said that the fit is a little too big. I have my Steve Madden over the knee boots and I got a 5.5 for the first time in my life and I was so disappointed because they turned out to be too small. So now I am scared to order size 5 for myself. Please can you give me an advice on what size I should order and how do they fit? Too big or too small? Thank you so much


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