slendertone face new model review

Initially when I learnt there was a Slendertone Face*, I actually thought it was a product that helped reduce facial fat with toning exercises, which understandably felt a little gimmicky. However I was wrong. After attending an event for it pre-launch a couple of months ago, I discovered instead of reducing fat on the face, it worked as an anti-ageing device that stimulated muscle and collagen and ‘lifted’ the face. This was something I could definitely get behind the concept of, as regular facial massages to stimulate skin and lift the face was now a common practice amongst the beauty world.

The principle behind Slendertone Face is similar to facial massaging – but more extreme. The pads on the headset, once plugged in and positioned in place, pulse the skin with Slendertones’ electronic muscle stimulation technology, activating the facial muscles resulting in younger and a more toned, youthful, lifted face.

Slendertone claim after frequent use 5 times a week, you should start to see an improvement in your complexin within two weeks. After 6 weeks, the lifting effect will be noticeable and by the full 12 week course the muscle plumpness will have increased. But are the claims true? I couldn’t quite last the full 12 weeks as it was during Christmas and it got too tricky, but I managed 6, and here are my thoughts..

Slendertone Face Review

slendertone face new model review

slendertone face review new model (2)

Slendertone Face focuses on the mid to lower part of the face, anything above the brow it can’t penetrate (sorry frown lines!). There are two function settings with this release of Slendertone Face (there was a previous model which had three settings and was also mains operated – this version is battery operated), Radiance and Lift.

Lift is obviously the most important setting and main use of the product, but Radiance, on the other hand, is a quick 10 minute boost which you can use before a night out to make skin glow! I only used the latter setting twice and my skin did seem brighter after use, but having to use the Lift setting five times a week made me less inclined to use the device an additional time for the Radiance setting. Perhaps after the 12 week course the Radiance setting might have been more useful.

With the Lift setting you need to work your way up when it comes to pulse intensity. The power levels go up to 100 but they suggest you begin with a low 5 to see how you get on. At that level I could feel it, but hardly. Within days I had accelerated to 50. This was definitely verging on pleasure/pain territory but I quite liked it! It felt good stimulating my facial muscles and I found it helped ease tension in my face after a long day. In all honesty, I enjoyed using it!

slendertone face review new model 2015

slendertone face review new

I noticed improvements within days. My face did look a little lifted. I also noticed my lips appeared fuller and more plump. I would actually say the biggest improvement, for me, was within those first two weeks. After that point the results didn’t feel as dramatic, but they were there.

I think claims of working like a face lift equivalent are probably far fetched (but hey, I didn’t complete the full 12 weeks!), however it definitely plumps the face and gives it a youthful lift. But there was a downside..for dry skin girls! And that is – yes, you guessed it! – dry skin!

Bit of a disclaimer here; I do have very dry skin! I used to even suffer from eczema as a child.

Because you have to use this on freshly cleansed skin (which in most cases means washed skin) and can’t wear moisturiser whilst it’s on the full twenty minute duration, your skin dries out. Or, to  be precise, mine did. I managed about two weeks of this routine, with my skin just about coping, but after that point my skin simply quit. It didn’t matter if I sprayed hydrating toner on my face whilst the machine was in use (this was a recommended option to me by brand ambassador Dr. Wong), or if I re-cleansed straight after using to re-prep skin and then apply moisturiser. The damage, in terms of skin drying out, was done. My make-up following it would apply horribly and my skin felt uneven and dried out. I was exfoliating and applying nourishing face masks religiously, but the 20 minutes of cleansed skin with no moisturiser was just undoing all the work.

And so this has left me with mixed feelings about Slendertone Face. Bottom line, it works. It does lift and plump the face to an extent, but at the cost of the surface layer of skin drying out. If it wasn’t for this one rule of not applying moisturiser whilst the device is in use, I would happily recommend this product for everyone! But as it, for now, I recommend it with a warning that it might not be the best option for truly dry skin.

It’s a shame as I can see it’s a fab product, and at some point I will attempt the full 12 weeks again, but I will be doing it (and perhaps doing it wrong) with moisturiser on areas the pads and headset don’t touch once the headset is in place. Will this clog the pulses transition through the skin? I don’t know what detriment wearing moisturiser will do other than making the longevity of the gel pads that adhere the headset to your skin weaken – if that’s the only pay off, I’ll happily take it! But it’s something that I will actually attempt to find out – and will update accordingly when I do.

If you don’t suffer from dry skin and your skin doesn’t shrivel up the minute it is sans moisturiser, the Slendertone Face is a brilliant choice in non-surgical and invasive anti-ageing. Priced at £179.95 (almost half the price of its former model!), it’s still pricey, but for the fuller lips factor alone I believe it’s worth the pricetag! If your skin can go without moisturiser.

Are you tempted with trying Slendertone Face?


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