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As I’m sittng here with conditioner in my hair I thought it might be a good time to write this post; Also because I’m hugely aware since returning to blogging last week I’ve not actually blogged since! Eek, apologies.

Recently I’ve been rocking very loose, tousled, beachy, surf hair which is quite a big trend for hair this summer, but just so happens to be how my hair dries naturally – something I’d only discovered recently! I had no idea my hair dried naturally this way until one evening I just left it to dry after being too tired to blow dry it, waking in the morning to gorgeous, grungy, beachy waves like I’ve always wanted.

Normally in situations where I can’t be bothered to dry my hair I’d at least do a quick panic rough dry, but thankfully this time I was too tired for even that, which led to this revelation! It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of blow drying, curling, straightening and volumising, and being heavily reliant on it, that you actually forget what your hair looks like in its natural state, heat free.

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Heat Free Hair

Its been over a month now of not using a single heated appliance on my hair and my hair is looking the best it’s looked in ages. Admittedly, my hair had been looking pretty bad and fried directly prior because the humidity was not doing the blow drying and general heat styling any favours – so there was lots of room for improvement! I’ve cut down on styling products, too. I now only use a tiny amount of virgin coconut oil when it’s practically dry and day by day the condition of my hair is steadily improving. It’s amazing the benefits of simply scaling back.

But one area where I still heavily rely on my strict routine and vast array of products (in comparison, at least) is in the actual washing phase. I’ve been using some great products that I genuinely believe have contributed to this new manageable, natural hair.

Here’s the products that are killing it for me right now.

Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo*
I use this as a pre-cleanse/clarifier before my purple shampoo (as I have ombre hair), and normally use it twice in row (shampoo, rinse, repeat). When I first tried this product I wasn’t the biggest fan as I had stuck to using it with its conditioner, and that combo was not good for my parched hair. But on its own, amongst the rest of my haircare, I really like it. It can be a little drying but in the same respect it does leave hair feeling very clean and clarified. Plus, it’s cheap as chips!

bumble and bumble mending + ojon cleansing conditioner + fudge clean blonde shampoo + lucy bee coconut oil + tangle teezer

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo*
As I mentioned I use a purple shampoo after clarifying, this is one I’ve been reaching for consistently. And boy, does it work in toning those bleached, brassy, ombre ends! Be careful not to leave this on for too long though, as it can go a greyish purple (unless that’s the desired effect!). I leave it on for a maximum five minutes and that is more than enough for toning. It smells gorgeous, too, and a bottle will last absolutely ages.

Ojon Rare-Blend Deep Conditioner*
I think the biggest trick for remedying knotty, damaged hair is using an intensive conditioner and keeping it in as long as possible. I aim for 5-10 minutes but sometimes I’ll leave it in for half an hour every now and again to really treat my hair. This deep conditioner by Ojon smells divine and is very rich. I’ve loved it so much I’ve used the entire bottle up! Which leads to what I now am using..

Bumble and Bumble Mending Conditioner*
I found this in a cupboard half used and decided to give it another whirl. So glad I did! This stuff is a miracle conditioner! Even when I only leave it in for a few minutes it makes my hair super silky! You only need half the amount of product you’d usually use to condition your hair as it’s so rich and efficient. It really is mending my hair!

Tangle Teaser or Wet Brush
Essential step! Basically, just comb the conditioner through your hair with one of these detanglers and the knots will be gone plus it will make the product work even better by really working it through hair, whilst evenly distributing it. Doing this has revolutionised conditioners for me – even the not so great ones.

Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich  Cleansing Conditioner
I only wash my hair twice a week max but sometimes, if there’s special occasion and I want that freshly washed hair feel, I’ll use this ‘mid wash’. You are technically washing your hair again but actually this is a super light, cleansing conditioner so you’re not really over washing or cleaning your hair. Despite the fact that I’ve put my blow dryer down for the foreseeable future, I can imagine this being particularly handy for when you also want a fresh blow dry but your hair doesn’t need washing again.

Post wash, all I add is a little coconut oil when hair is almost dry and hello lovely beach hair! Warning: if you’re going to try coconut oil in your hair, too, be very careful as you really only need the tiniest amount and anything over that leads to Grease City! Trust me, I’ve been there. But that’s it, folks! No other styling bar this point. Pretty fab, eh?

Do you think you could ditch the curlers and blow dryer to see what your hair dries like naturally? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

*PR sample

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