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I’m at the age now where the wrinkles that I really don’t want (ugly frown lines) are beginning to form, and after exhausting skincare options, Botox is becoming the next logical step. I think I’ve done pretty well with preserving my skin, being 34, and in fairness I have been battling that particular frown line between my brows since I was 26, managing to keep it fairly in check…until now.

It’s getting to Stage Two of really deepening, and that worries me. I was introduced to Fillerina by Labo a few months ago as a non invasive blend of hyaluronic acids akin to ‘Botox-in-a-bottle’, and it sounded exactly like what I needed. After trialling it for two weeks (as the product prescribes) and then allowing the results to fully develop over the following month, this was my outcome..

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Fillerina – a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to Botox

Fillerina is a two step, non-invasive, topical hyaluronic acid based treatment that effectively fills and plumps up tissue on the areas of the face it’s been applied to, as the name suggests.

To apply, you draw product with the precision applicator and apply on areas which need filling/have lost collagen or wrinkled. You let it set for ten minutes before gently patting in, and then sealing with step two, the Nourishing Film (moisturiser). The video below, which I followed pretty much every time for the first week of use, demonstrates perfectly how to use it.

Outside of this, all you need to do is make sure you drink plenty of water! As it’s essential for the product which expands and binds with water in skin. Once the 14 days are through, results should last up to three months.

Fillerina results

Before I begin on my results and user experience of Fillerina, here were my main concerns prior treatment, in order of importance.
– Deeper lines developing, on mostly forehead and especially between brows
– Eyebrows and subsequently eyelids ‘drooping’
– Loss of collagen on cheeks
– Loss of plumpness in lips

There are three grades/strengths of Fillerina, and I trialled Grade 3, the strongest.

fillerina inside box

One of the things that I noticed within days of use was my lips getting plumper and fuller. After about a week I noticed my cheeks getting plumper in their hollows – and I especially noticed this because one cheek was more noticeably plumper than the other! Which is probably down to my unequal application!

Where I lacked results in was that pesky frown line between my brows! Which really was where I wanted to see effects the most. I’m not sure why but it just didn’t seem to take to that area, despite my adding the most product there and taking the most care in application. However, it did seem to plump up some under eye fine lines so it must have just been that particular place.

Fillerina results one month later

A month on my results pretty much stayed the same, I didn’t notice any further improvements – which isn’t to say they didn’t exist.

To compare my results against the initial checklist, here they are..
– Frown line between brows didn’t improve, fine lines under eyes did
– No improvement on lifting brows and lids
– Plumped up face and on areas of lost collagen such as cheeks
– Lips were very plump!

I know I look well for my age considering I haven’t used any invasive treatments or injectables, and that isn’t entirely down to genetics; I see problems emerging constantly with my skin ageing but I tackled them with good skincare over the years as and when. If, like me, you believe prevention is better than cure and are proud of your skin and want to simply plump it up before resorting to anything harsher, Fillerina will definitely help. But if you’re looking to fill deep, burrowed wrinkles I’m not sure it’s going to do the trick. But for plump lips and fallen collagen, as an alternative for ‘fillers’ – it’s wonderful and can definitely prolong the need for anything more drastic.

You can buy all three grades of Fillerina from Cult Beauty. Would you consider it as an alternative to a visit down Harley Street?

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  • Rebecca McMahon Makeup

    I’m dying to try my box of fillerina out! Just waiting to have the time to sit down with it.

    • I know, you also have stick to it for two weeks without missing and avoid boozy nights out, so it does take planning to fit in schedule!


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