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I was offered an Olaplex treatment from boutique London salon Billi Currie, as they must have spotted how ratty and dried out my hair was and recognised my need for it.  After having a good six inches or so chopped off a few weeks ago, and then home-dying it back to black (FYI, I used John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 2N Natural Black, and it’s worked really well!), I decided now was the time to get my Olaplex treatment as the ends of my hair, which have suffered substantial abuse, were vastly different in texture to my shiny roots – even after dying black.

Tom Smith, the Colour Director of Billi Currie, explained while doing the treatment that Olaplex wasn’t simply a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment, it rebuilds the hair molecule so the actual hair is strong again; not the just the surface of it. The entire procedure only took about thirty minutes and consisted of applying Olaplex to wet hair, leaving for ten minutes, then shampooing and rinsing out. Hair was also blow-dried in that time, too!

The results speak for themselves..


olaplex at billi currie london before and after

Even though that isn’t a direct before picture on the left, as I had since dyed it back to black myself, the condition was pretty similar. The ends of my hair directly post-dying were SO DULL and matte. It didn’t work with my natural shiny black roots at all. This treatment has completely unified my hair, and my hair is so silky and healthy! I genuinely can’t remember the last time my hair felt this good (probably going back to school days, here!).


I was given an Olaplex Step 3 cream as a follow up bi-monthly procedure, which is used in the same way as an intensive hair mask. I haven’t used it yet, as I only had the treatment done on Friday, but will keep you updated on the continual results of my hair. I’ve been told the results will not wash or wear off, as the hair molecule is changed and rebuilt, thus making it a permanent effect. Will be keeping an eye on it to see if that’s so!

olaplex after in london

olaplex after in londonTop: Topshop Petite Tie Front Striped Top (sorry about the no make-up shots!)

I’ve been writing a lot about hair on here of late, and the journey is not yet over! If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you probably have an idea of what the next step is, but for this who don’t; MOAR BIG HAIR CHANGES COMING!! Having said that, I’m so thrilled with how my hair is now I’m almost reluctant to mess with it and ruin all the hard work! But I know me and I know I will. After all, if I mess my hair up again there’s always Olaplex to the rescue! And this is definitely one treatment I would 100% part with my hard earned cash for.

To book in for an Olaplex treatment at Billi Currie in London, visit their website here or call 0207 486 9016. An Olaplex treatment is priced at £50 (which I think is really reasonable for what it does!!).

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