rous Knitted Lace Up Bodysuit + jeffree star velour liquid lipstick in dominatrix + brown matte lipstickTOP: GLAMOROUS KNITTED LACE UP BODYSUIT via ASOS

Had a bit of a scare when it looked like I hadn’t blogged since April last year but actuuuuaaally the dates on my blog posts seem to be Americanised so it was really only since November – phew. I mean, that’s still pretty bad, but not as bad as an entire year.

To compensate the lack of blogging here’s a bit of beauty/fashion post in one! Is it just me or is everyone still on the hunt for the perfect matte brown lippy? Well, don’t get too excited because I still haven’t found it, but a close contender is this Jeffree Star delight in Dominatrix, modelled above.

This is the second Jeffree Star Valour Liquid Lipstick I own (the first being Celebrity Skin), and I do quite like these as far as matte liquid lipsticks go. It lasts a reasonable amount of time on (does not withstand eating greasy food, however), is comfortable and non drying, and easy to apply. I feel the crème de la crème of matte lipsticks is still Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks, but at a ten pounds price difference Jeffree Star is a good, cheaper alternative.

The reason Jeffree Star Valour Liquid Lipstick in Dominatrix doesn’t get my full 10/10 marks for a dark brown is because I find it slightly grey.. Ashy almost. I think, for me at least, my ideal brown is the same level of darkness this shade offers (and this shade builds up beautifully so you can get an almost black brown!), but warmer. The good thing about liquid lipsticks is you can mix a few together to get the desired shade (and I think my liquid lipstick count is now in the twenties so I have a few choices to mix with!), but in reality who wants to carry several shades of lipstick around to mix before every reapplication? So the quest continues, but this will happily do till then.


Glamorous Petite Plunge Front Body With Tassells + lace up bodysuit

Glamorous Petite Plunge Front Body With Tassells + lace up bodysuitTOP: GLAMOROUS PETITE PLUNGE BODY WITH TASSLES via ASOS

This bodysuit. Always causes quite a stir and garners interest so thought I’d reference it. It’s from Glamorous, but I picked mine up from ASOS (where Glamorous is a concession). The black (pictured far top) is from the regular range and the grey is from petite. Naturally, the petite fitted me perfectly but is a little more booby as a consequence. Eek. Made from a lovely knit material it’s a great transitional winter/spring piece before the sun is fully out.

I wore the grey this weekend with high wasted blue denim skinnies and a faux fur long line gilet over the top (to provide a little modesty during the day). I am also partial to teaming these lace up bodysuits with a nice flare trouser. Seventies vibes, basically.


  • Albertine

    Oooohhh love that brown lip colour on you, it looks gorgeous!

    Also loving the lace up body, don’t think I’m brave enough to wear one myself…


    • Aww, thanks doll! I reckon that lippy would look ace on you xx


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