vogue fashions night out superdry 2014

vogue fashions night out superdry 2014 (1)

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the fireflies vogue fashions night out superdry 2014

Last night Oxford and Regent Street in central London were abuzz with revellers enjoying the 6th year of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. I popped into Superdry on Regent Street to check out the action; I was told to expect live music from The Fireflies, freebs, goody bags and the opportunity for a personal styling session with model-cum-MTV presenter Lilah Parsons.

I luckily arrived just in time to hear the last half hour of The Fireflies live set, which was very impressive. Sadly I missed getting styling advice from Lilah, however I did manage to grab a goodie bag with a cute little Superdry beanie inside (so handy!) and a self packed bag of yummy, yummy sweets which were on display for everyone to help themselves to.

superdry motorcycle biker jacket (7)

As I was personally invited to attend this public event by Superdry, I was very generously gifted an item from their new season stock as a (pre) thank you for attending. I picked this beautiful Superdry motorcycle biker jacket from their AW14 collection, which arrived Monday – in time to wear to the main event!

superdry motorcycle biker jacket (5)

Superdry Motorcycle Biker Jacket (1)

I am absolutely thrilled with this jacket, it fits exactly how I wanted – slightly oversized and boxy/structured. Aviator style jackets have been on my mind quite a bit recently and I had been after a good one for a while to replace my beloved Topshop one, which literally fell apart within months of buying four years ago. This Superdry Motorcycle Biker jacket has so many elements I loved about my Topshop one – shearling effect collar, structured cut, waist belt, thick material, but also additional features like the leather sleeves and trim which makes it the perfect mix between motorcycle biker and aviator. An awesome jacket that I am absolutely besotts with.

Plus I get to feel like I’m in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ in it. ;)

Did you get involved with any of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out last night?

If not, there’s always next year! For more information on the event last night, check here.




Do you remember a few weeks back when I wrote about designing my own set of Skullcandy Aviator* headphones? Well THEY ARRIVED (ages ago, actually) and I am loving them!

I pretty much take them out with me most days when I’m rushing around town all day. My coat at the moment is a rather capacious parka from Topshop, with humongous pockets which happily house them folded up when not in use (inside their own leather pouch which they came with!). It did take a while to get over the attention of wearing such beautiful pink headphones at first, as you know, they are pretty special, but now I barely notice (maybe I was just paranoid back then?!).

The technical stuff..  It’s worth bearing in mind that the type of headphones you pick (in general) should cater for the style of music you listen to. It’s a common misconception that one set of headphones makes ALL styles of music sound great. Nah. With this in mind, these Skullcandy Aviators are actually a really good fit for all my favourite genres of music; whilst I like hip hop on occasion it’s not something I listen to all the time (if it is, then by all means go down the Monster Beats route), I need something that brings out the mid and treble too, ’cause, y’know, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll girl at heart. These headphones make my music sound great, but they also cope well with the ‘dancier’ stuff I listen to like electro, dubsteb, house and drum ‘n bass too. When it comes to a set of headphones that deliver so well for most styles of music, I genuinely say this would be them, with the bonus of them sounding excellent for guitar based music.

Another benefit of the sound through the phones being so well mixed is that they are GREAT for watching movies and programmes on your laptop or computer with, as you can hear the speaking parts really clearly (you’ll struggle to get this clarity with a bassier set of headphones). I don’t know about you, but I watch a lot of fil-lums on my laptop so this is a real plus.

Can I play out in them? In terms of DJing, I don’t think I could. I will attempt it (with another set of ‘phones as backup) simply because they look so purdy and I want to show them off, but I don’t think its background block-out is up to scratch for when playing in a noisy club where you already have the current song blaring through the sound monitor. For example, some songs have quiet introductions and unless you know it amazingly well it will get tricky trying to hear it over very loud music in the background, thus making these regrettably not the best for mixing and cueing.

However for standard use, not professional, with their outstanding design and construction (the Skullcandy Aviators aren’t made of cheapo plastic, aluminium and solid, all the way!) I’d highly advise these sets. They look cool, and sound great. What more could you want?

Design your own Skullcandy Aviators over at www.uk.skullcandy.com for £179.99.

If you want to book me and my mad DJ skillz, contact me on: lina@makeuptomakeout.co.uk.
Previous bookings have included support DJ slots for Bloc Party, The Maccabees, Dirty Pretty Things, Massive Attack, Vicarious Bliss at various venues in and around London including 333, Sketch, The Scala, Macbeth, Brixton Jamm, The Dogstar, Tooting Tram and Social and The Windmill.




I actually got back on Sunday but have been suffering terribly from post festival blues (and general unhealth from all the festival fesitivities). Basically, I had the most amazing, best day/night of my life on the second day of the festival and am a little in shock and struggling to believe everything that had happened. I’m usually quite jammy with meeting the slebs (I have no idea why, I’m a totes nobody), but this weekend superseded all that shit. I stood side of stage for Ben Howard, M83, Incubus and in the sound box (allegedly the best seat in the house!) for Chase and Status!!

Here are some pictorials in case you’re interested (some are stolen from my friend’s pics, Charlotte, I hope you don’t mind love!)!Here I am on Day 1, sober and fresh faced (all the other pics are Day 2).MC Rage from Chase and Status – he ASKED me to take a pic of him when I told him about my blog, for street style!!! Bless ‘im!Noah and the WhaleMumford and SonsIncubus!!The Roots and Incubus (a new member of Incubus, was in The Roots prior this). Oh, and here’s me pretending to drive the sound desk during Chase and Status (who were AMAZING).

Yeah, so, like I said, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. So sad it’s over. :'(
Roll on another adventure please.


P.S. I didn’t use my shewee as the toilets in there for hospitality were so swish and super clean!!!


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